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ROR Buoyage Set 1

ROR Buoyage Set 1

This box contains all you need to teach or learn the Rule of the Road and for IALA region ‘A’.


These 3D printed models allow you to create your own scenarios and situations to test your knowledge or practice table top manoeuvres.


Please note that the buoys have been created using a 3D printer so there may be rough edges and imperfections in the plastic moulding.


This is an educational training aid and is not suitable as a toy.



  • 1 x Passenger Vessel
  • 1 x Container Ship
  • 1 x Fishing Vessel
  • 1 x Sailing Vessel


Top Marks

  • 1 x CBD
  • 1 x RAM
  • 1 x NUC
  • 1 x VEF
  • 1 x Sailing Vessel Under Power



  • 2 x Stbd Hand Pillar Buoy
  • 2 x Stbd Hand Conical Buoy
  • 2 x Port Hand Pillar Buoy
  • 2 x Port Hand Can Buoy
  • 1 x Preferred Channel Port Conical
  • 1 x Preferred Channel Port Pillar
  • 1 x Preferred Channel Stbd Can
  • 1 x Preferred Channel Stbd Pillar


Cardinal Marks

  • 1 x North Cardinal Buoy
  • 1 x East Cardinal Buoy
  • 1 x South Cardinal Buoy
  • 1 x West Cardinal Buoy


Other Marks

  • 1 x Emergency Wreck Marker
  • 1 x Isolated Danger
  • 2 x Special Mark
  • 2 x Safe Water Mark
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